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Washing and handling systems for the meat/ protein industry

The most commonly used returnable packing types in the meat/ protein industry are plastic tubs/ totes, smoke trolleys, crates and wheelie bins.

SEMI STAAL has over 45 years developed a wide range of washing, handling and transport solutions for tubs, crates, smoke trolleys and wheelie bins.


Meat industry solutions

  • Tub washing and handling at Scanflavour, Denmark


Solution portfolio for tubs, crates, smoke trolleys and wheelie bins

  1. Conveyor systems
  2. Stacking/ unstacking systems
  3. Washing systems
  4. Tub and crate emptying systems



Danish Crown, Denmark/ Germany

Tulip, Denmark/ UK/ Germany

Notura/ Gilde, Norway

Scan Hide, Denmark

HK Scan, Finland/ Sweden

BHJ, Lithuania/ Denmark/ USA