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Washing systems for the dairy industry

In the dairy industry, many different types of recyclable packaging are used to store and transport products. Furthermore, the degree of soiling can vary considerably depending on the types of products being produced.

SEMI STAAL’s washing and handling systems for the dairy industry are designed to carefully remove all types of dirt, in order to meet the food industry’s high standards of hygiene and food safety.

We help you to strengthen food safety and improve hygiene and the working environment.

We produce washing and handling systems for

  • Tubs
  • Crates
  • Pallets
  • Trolleys
  • Vemag trolleys

Our systems cover the following functions

  • Emptying
  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Handling
  • Transport

Tailor-made washing systems in all sizes

Washing system for trolleys – RW2 with accumulation conveyors

In this solution, the washer is integrated with accumulation conveyors before and after the washing process. This increases the throughput speed, and reduces staff involvement. Layout and degree of automation can be adapted as required.

Crate washer – KV1 Series

The KV1 Series is our single-track tunnel crate washer with a capacity of 50-700 crates/hour. This system automatically stacks the crates after washing, so they can be returned to production quick and easy.

Fully automated pallet washing system – PVH with pre-wash and high pressure

Fully automated pallet washer with down/up stacker, conveyor system and blow-off dryer. The washing system is equipped with a recirculating pre-rinse and a powerful washing section with integrated high-pressure cleaner to remove labels and solid dirt. After washing and blowing off, the pallets are stacked. The system is customised to the nature of the task.

Durable and flexible solutions

With our flexible and modular cleaning systems, we can customise our solutions to meet your specific capacity, functionality and physical requirements.

We focus on producing high quality products and at the same time keeping a sustainable environment in mind. We do not compromise in our choice of materials, and our experience clearly shows that our machines are more durable than the ones we compare ourselves to in the market.

Our washing systems are modular, which allows them to be scaled up as the business expands. You can extend and expand your washing system both in terms of capacity and if additional functions, such as emptying, drying or handling functions, are desired.

Find the solutions you need

Vemag trolleys
Vemag trolleys


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