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The Global Goals (SDG)

Goal 3: health and well-being

We contribute to SDG 3.9.3. The goal by 2030 is to significantly reduce the number of deaths and illnesses caused by hazardous chemicals and pollution of air, water and land, especially from accidental poisoning or infection. To achieve this goal, it is important to provide products and services that help reduce infection and contamination.

We do this by offering HACCP-approved products and performing regular validations of our machines to ensure they deliver the desired results. We also recommend reputable soap suppliers who meet our requirements for safe use and safety.

Specifically, we can focus on providing products and solutions that help reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals and contamination, for example by offering effective detergents and air filtration systems. We can also invest in research and development of new technologies and products that can help reduce the risk of poisoning and pollution.

At the same time, we can also raise awareness of the dangers associated with hazardous chemicals and pollution, and encourage our customers to take responsibility for protecting themselves and their environment from these risks.

Goal 5: gender equality

In line with SDG 5.5 we have set concrete targets to ensure equal pay for equal work between the sexes in our company. We have reviewed our pay structure and implemented policies to ensure that there is no difference in pay between men and women doing the same work with the same skills.

We are also working to increase women’s participation in leadership positions in our company and in decision-making processes at all levels. We have implemented an inclusion and diversity policy that promotes gender equality and women’s participation in decision-making processes. We provide our employees with education and training opportunities specifically designed to strengthen women’s leadership skills and promote their career development.

We also work to raise awareness of gender equality and promote this goal in our communities. We support local initiatives that work to promote women’s rights and equality, and we engage in discussions and collaborate with local organisations and authorities to advance this goal.

Goal 8: Decent jobs and economic growth

8.5 and 8.8: To support inclusive economic growth, we work to create decent job opportunities for all, including disadvantaged communities and regions that have historically been excluded from economic growth.

We are also working to create a workplace culture that is inclusive and diverse. We take steps to ensure that all our employees have equal opportunities to advance and develop in their careers, regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

To strengthen safety and health in the workplace, we have implemented standards and procedures that ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. We also provide education and training to all employees to ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their jobs safely.

We also strive to introduce new technologies and improve our work processes that can enhance worker safety and well-being. We constantly monitor our work processes and equipment to ensure we are meeting safety standards and take steps to improve our working environment where necessary.

Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

SDG 9.4 aims to make industries and infrastructure more sustainable and reduce their negative environmental impacts by 2030. This will be achieved by promoting greater resource efficiency and increased use of clean and environmentally friendly technologies and processes. It is important that all countries contribute to this goal according to their respective capacities.

To contribute to the achievement of SDG 9.4, we are working in several areas. For example, we are investing in research and development of new technologies and processes that can make industries more sustainable and reduce their environmental impact. In addition, we work with our customers and suppliers to find more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

We also work to increase our own sustainability by reducing our own resource consumption and environmental impact. We find these improvements inoptimising our production processes. We reduce waste, reuse and recycle materials and reduce energy consumption in our facilities. We are exploring more environmentally friendly transport methods and reducing our carbon emissions.

We also work with local and national authorities to ensure that our industries and infrastructure comply with environmental regulations and standards. This can ensure a more consistent and sustainable approach across countries and industries.

In short, we can contribute to SDG 9.4 by investing in research and development, working with our customers and suppliers, optimising our own sustainability and working with authorities to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and standards.

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

SDG 12.5-7 aims to significantly reduce waste through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse by 2030. At the same time, companies are encouraged to operate sustainably and to integrate sustainability information into their reporting cycle. Sustainable public procurement practices are also encouraged, in line with national policies and priorities.

We have introduced annual sustainability reports from 2023, promoting our strategic sustainability policy.

We are working to reduce waste in our production and daily operations. We recycle, reduce and sort office and production waste and reduce waste production.

Semi Staal contributes to sustainable sourcing practices by developing products that address chemical, water and power consumption challenges and are aligned with national priorities. In addition, we have launched a buy-back policy where we either purchase used Semi Staal machines and upcycle them or refurbish them for the customer, contributing to recycling and reducing waste.

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