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Washing and handling of Vemag bins

SEMI STAAL designs, manufactures and installs tailor-made washing and handling systems for Vemag bins. 

We provide all kinds of solutions – from small stand-alone washers to fully automated integrated washing systems. You can get washing systems for Vemag bins in a cabinet or tunnel solution, depending on your capacity needs.

The basic solution comes with a wash and rinse section. Additional sections such as pre-rinse, extra wash sections and automation functions can be added, depending on automation and capacity requirements.

Our mission is to help you strengthen food safety, improve hygiene and create better working environments.

All washing systems for Vemag bins can be extended with

  • Emptying systems
  • Drying systems
  • Storage systems
  • Transport systems
  • Swing loaders from/to floor

Cabinet Washers

Our cabinet solutions are installations where bins are fed in and out of the same side of the washing installation.
A characteristic of our solutions is that the washing system is recirculating and is equipped with a filtration system.

Cabinet solution VV1
Capacity 20-30 bins/hour

VV1 is designed as a cabinet solution, with bins entering and exiting on the same side of the washer. One trolley is handled per sequence. This solution washes and rinses all surfaces, including the wheels and bottom of the trolley. The system is equipped with a central filter (filter basket or automatic drum filter), pump and PLC-based control system.

Cabinet solution VV2
Capacity 40-60 bins/hour

VV2 follows the same principle as the VV1 solution, but handles two bins simultaneously, and therefore washes at a higher capacity. Loading and unloading to the machine is done automatically including safety function.

Cabinet solution VV2C
Capacity 20-45 bins/hour

VV2C is a flow-through cabinet solution where the bins are fed into the machine from the unclean side of the washer and exits on the clean side ensuring separation of the clean and unclean sides. The flow-through solution also provides an increased capacity option as well as the possibility of a separate pre-rinse.

Tunnel washers

In the tunnel solution, the bin is placed on one side of the washing plant and led out the other side,
resulting in much higher capacity and separation of the clean and unclean sides.
All tunnel solutions are equipped with a liftable top, making it easy for staff to access the machine for service and maintenance.

Tunnel solution VV1-1
Capacity 40-80 bins/hour

VV1-1 is our basic tunnel washer with a turner that loads/unloads the bins from/to the floor. The solution consists of a recirculating washing section and a fresh water rinse. The filter type can be adapted according to your requirements.

Tunnel solution VV1-1 1/2
Capacity 40-100 bins/hour

VV1-1 1/2 is our tunnel washer identical to VV1-1 but with a recirculating pre-wash. The system has a high capacity and the pre-rinse ensures that proteins are removed before the hot washing section. The recirculating rinse is one of the many options of the washer. The system can be expanded with additional washing sections depending on capacity requirements.

Tunnel solution VV1-1 1/2
Capacity 60-100 bins/hour

VV1-1 1/2 with two loading positions with turners.

Flexible solutions

  • Both 200 and 300 ltr bins can be handled in the same system
  • Capacity range of 20-200 bins/hour
  • Small stand-alone or fully automated integrated systems
  • Manufactured according to HACCP principles
  • Guaranteed end result
  • After Sales Service and support
  • PLC controlled system with systems monitoring, error messages at sensor level, as well as automatic operation and variable settings of capacity, timers and temperature from HMI.

Good for both the working environment and the climate

  • Optimises the working environment
  • Time-saving process
  • Green sustainable system
  • Low running costs

Fully automated washing and storage system

Fully automated washing system for 100 bins/hour and a warehouse for 150 bins.


Entry/exit of bins to/from warehouse via lift.


Entry/exit of bins to/from warehouse via lift.


Entry/exit of bins to/from warehouse via lift.


This central washing module is equipped with a recirculating washing section and a after-rinse as standard. Several heat sources and filter types can be selected, and a range of advantageous options make the system adaptable.


A pre-rinse removes the worst residues before washing. A recirculating pre-rinse can help you reduce your water consumption.

Bins-turning in

The automatic turners from the floor, make it easy to load the bins up to the washer.

Bins-turning in

The automatic turners from the floor, make it easy to load the bins up to the washer.

Unload from storage

Unload from storage

Fresh water after-rinse

Can be reused in the pre-rinse or washing section.

Integration with high storage

The washer can be integrated with a high storage, which can also be supplied by SEMI STAAL.


We listen to your needs and offer a range of handling solutions such as conveyors, turners and transfer systems that can be fully or partially integrated with your own logistics.


Nicolai Meyendorff
Sales Manager – Food/nonfood

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Mobile: +45 24 41 45 19

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