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Cleaning and handling of plastic boxes

SEMI STAAL designs, manufactures and installs customised cleaning and handling systems for crates. More than 150 crate washing systems have been delivered to customers in the pharmaceutical and food industries in more than 30 countries.

All systems can be adapted to handle a wide range of sizes and shapes of boxes and moulds. Our solutions can be individually adapted to meet your specific hygiene, space and capacity requirements.

We help you strengthen food safety, improve hygiene and create better working environments.

All crate washing systems can be extended with

  • Emptying systems/crate turners
  • Drying systems
  • Storage systems
  • Stackers
  • Conveyor systems


A tunnel washing system for boxes can consist of several sections such as pre-rinse, wash section, high pressure section and clean water after-rinse, depending on hygiene requirements. The type of filter is also adapted according to the nature of the task. For environmental reasons, all sections are recirculating with heating systems adapted to the customer’s energy infrastructure.

Example 1

A single-track tunnel washer with a capacity of 50-700 boxes/hour.
The module is the basis for a wide range of facility types – from very simple to fully automated solutions.

A single washing section, after-rinse with clean water, turners before and after the washing sequence, and blower for drying the crates.

System with pre-rinse, washing section, after-rinse with clean water and turning/stacking of boxes after washing.

Crate washer with accumulation lanes and two separate washing lanes. This ensures a very high capacity.

Example 2

This solution is a two track tunnel washer with a capacity of 400-5,000 boxes/hour.
The system is flexible, despite its size, and is the central core for a wide range of modules.

System with two lanes and two separate washing sections and clean water after-rinse. Can easily be integrated into internal logistics.

Two-track washing system with pre-rinse, washing section with label removal, after-rinse with clean water and blow-off dryer module.

Two-lane crate washing system (one for lids and one for crates) with infeed accumulation lanes, down stackers, washing line with two washing sections, blow-off dryer system and crate and lid stackers.

Flexible solutions

  • Multiple crate types and sizes can be handled in the same system
  • Capacity range up to 100 – 5000 crates/hour
  • Small stand-alone or fully automated integrated systems
  • Validated results
  • After Sales Service and support

Good for both the working environment and the climate

  • Optimises the working environment
  • Time-saving process
  • Green sustainable system with a recirculating washing process
  • Low running costs

Fully automated crate cleaning and handling system


Crates are fed to the stacker for automatic stacking of the crates. Can also be integrated with a palletising unit to reduce manual workload.


After washing, the crates are turned from bottom up to bottom down.


In the recirculating washing section, the crates are cleaned with hot water and chemicals. Different heat sources and filter types can be added, and a range of advantageous options makes the system adaptable.


A recirculating pre-rinse removes the worst product and protein residues before the crates are transported to the washing section.


After washing, an after-rinse will rinse the crate to remove chemical residues.


We offer a wide range of handling solutions such as conveyors, turners and transfer systems that can be fully or partially integrated with existing logistics solution.

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