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Washing and handling of tubs

SEMI STAAL develops and manufactures customized tub washer machines and handling systems, acting as a powerful cleaner for tubs, with more than 200 installations worldwide – primarily to the fish and protein industries.

We provide all kinds of solutions – from small stand-alone tub washer machines to fully automated and integrated tub washer systems. All our tub washer machines are modular and manufactured according to HACCP principles, designed to meet your specific cleaning needs.

Our mission is to help you strengthen food safety with effective automated cleaning systems and create better working environments.

All washing systems can be extended with

  • Stackers
  • Drying systems
  • Handling systems
  • Conveyers
  • Storage systems

Tailor-made tub washing systems in all sizes


The compact tub washer if space is an issue. The cabinet can be extended with side tables and turners for increased capacity. A range of heat sources and filter types can be selected to suit your needs.


The central washer module is equipped with a pre-rinse, a wash section and a post-rinse as standard. Several heat sources and filter types can be selected. The washing system is modular, making it highly adaptable.

TW2 – with tub turner

TW2 with an automatic tub turner at the start and end of the washing machine. In this way you will reduce the use of resources when operating the machine. Can be carried out as a U, L or linear solution.

TW2 – with full automation

TW2 with optional conveyors, turners and stackers. This automates every step of the process. The operator delivers an unclean stack and picks up a clean stack without tying up personnel. You can reduce man-hours and increase capacity. The line can be designed in L, U or linear shape.

TW2 – with integrated pallet washing function

Fully automated TW2 with blow-off dryer for drying the tubs. A fully automated system that can handle both tubs and pallets. The system is integrated with AGVs. The system includes tub turners as well as pallet stackers which reduces the operating requirements of the line.

TW2 with robot solution

Filled 440 ltr tubs are accumulated on the conveyor system. Robot unstacks and empties the tubs to the receiving system and transfers the unclean tubs to the washing system. At the end of the washing process, the clean tubs are stacked on the unloading conveyor by the same robot. The system is compact and fully automatic.

Flexible solutions

  • Multiple types and sizes of tubs can be handled in the same system
  • Capacity range of 10-100 tubs/hour
  • Small stand-alone or fully automated integrated systems
  • Manufactured according to HACCP principles
  • Guaranteed end result
  • After Sales Service and support

Good for both the working environment and the climate

    • Optimises the working environment
    • Time-saving process
    • Green sustainable system
    • Low running costs

    Fully automated washing and handling system

    Tub washer cleaner and tub washer machine


    The stacker works both upwards and downwards, which minimises the manual operation of the system. With 3 tubs in height, the same man can operate the unloading and loading of the tubs.


    A tub turner automatically handles a task that one man would work on manually; either with a pallet turner or by hand. This increases throughput and optimises the working environment.


    This central washer module is equipped with a pre-rinse, a wash section and a post-rinse as standard. Several heat sources and filter types can be selected, and a number of advantageous options make the system adaptable.


    A pre-rinse removes the worst residues before washing. A recirculating rinse can help you reduce your water consumption.


    After washing, an after-rinse will flush the tub. The after-rinse can stand alone or be integrated into transfer segments and turners as shown here.


    We listen to your requirements and offer a range of handling solutions such as conveyors, turners and transfer systems that can be fully or partially integrated with your own logistics.


    Suppliers of tubs

    MOWI, Canada/Poland
    Salmar, Norway
    Notura, Norway
    Thai Union, Seychelles
    Box Pool, Peterhead, UK
    Hanstholm Fiskeauktion, Denmark

    Familien Dafgaard, Sweden
    Nutri Swiss, Switzerland
    Danish Crown, Denmark/UK/Germany/Poland
    Umbudamidlun, Iceland

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