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Washing systems for the fishing industry

In the fishing industry, maintaining high hygiene standards can be a challenge, partly because slime from fresh fish can glue scales to tubs and containers.

It requires a very carefully designed and efficient cleaning process to meet these challenges – especially if the fish scales are allowed to dry.  

SEMI STAAL’s washing systems for the fishing industry are designed to remove dirt and scale. This creates the good washing result that guarantees your hygiene and food safety.

We produce washing and handling systems for

  • Tubs
  • Crates
  • Pallets
  • Trolleys
  • Vemag trolleys

Our systems cover the following functions

  • Emptying
  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Handling
  • Transport

Tailor-made washing systems in all sizes

Tub washing system TW2

The central washing module is equipped with a pre-rinse, a washing section and a post-rinse as standard. Several types of heat sources and filters can be selected. The washing system is modular, which makes it highly adaptable.

Tub washing system TW2 with robot

Filled 440 ltr tubs are accumulated on the conveyor system. A robot unloads and empties the tubs into the loading system and transfers the unclean tubs to the washing system. At the end of the washing process, the clean tub is stacked on the outfeed conveyor by the same robot. The system is compact and fully automatic.

Tub washing system TW2 – fully automated

TW2 with an optional choice of conveyors, turners and stackers. In this way, all steps in the process are automated. The operator places an unclean stack and picks up a clean stack without tying up personnel. You save man-hours and ensure a higher capacity. The line can be designed in L, U or linear shape.

Durable and flexible solutions

With our flexible and modular cleaning systems, we can customise our solutions to meet your specific capacity, functionality and physical requirements.

We focus on producing high quality products and at the same time keeping a sustainable environment in mind. We do not compromise in our choice of materials, and our experience clearly shows that our machines are more durable than the ones we compare ourselves to in the market.

Our washing systems are modular, which allows them to be scaled up as the business expands. You can extend and expand your washing system both in terms of capacity and if additional functions, such as emptying, drying or handling functions, are desired.

Find the solution you need

Vemag trolleys
Vemag trolleys


Marine Harvest, Canada
Salmar, Norway
Naqua, Saudi Arabia
Thai Union, Seychelles
Box Pool, Peterhead, UK
Hanstholm Fiskeauktion, Denmark

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