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After Sales service

SEMI STAAL’s washing and handling systems are known for being reliable, robust and easy to operate. However, the performance, stability and lifetime of the machines depend on how well they are maintained.

After Sales Service has historically had the status of a cost area. Today, it is increasingly seen as an investment. Service and maintenance help to boost companies’ productivity, customer satisfaction and overall profitability.

  • After Sales Service ensures you the best possible conditions for the performance, stability and lifetime of your machines

  • After Sales Service strengthens your company’s productivity, customer satisfaction and overall economy

Prime Care 

Would you like to be sure that your washing and handling equipment delivers the best results and is being well maintained? Then Prime Care is the solution.

Prime Care is SEMI STAAL’s after sales service program that ensures your company quality and stability with minimal risk of unplanned downtime. 

We have many years of experience and are specialists in monitoring, servicing and repairing our in-house produced washing and handling systems.

With a Prime Care Agreement, you can free yourself from worry and avoid unforeseen costs.

Get complete peace of mind with Prime Care

  • Ensures your company quality and stability
  • Minimises the risk of unplanned downtime
  • Guarantees that your washing results meet quality and hygiene standards

Prime Care Moduls

Service calls

  • Optimal productivity and quality
  • Avoid unplanned shutdowns/downtime
  • Extended lifetime of equipment
  • Avoid unforeseen costs

Spare parts

  • One-stop shop
  • Original spare parts
  • Experience and expertise
  • Advice and guidance

Live Support

  • Quick response time
  • Expert advice
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Guided service via live video

Training of operating staff

  • Competence boost
  • Correct maintenance
  • Increased stability and safety
  • Certified operating staff

IoT solutions

  • Live data insights
  • Predictive analytics
  • Financial and operational reports
  • Access to data from any device

CSR and UN Global Goals

  • Extended lifetime through optimal maintenance
  • Buy-back programme for recycling
  • Green subcontractors
  • UN Global Goals #3 (health), #6 (clean water), #9 (sustainable industry) and #12 (climate action)

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Service & Project Manager

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