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Cleaning systems for case carts and trolleys

Mediclean Solutions will help you improve hygiene, break the chain of infection and create better working environments within the hospital.

SEMI STAAL designs and produces customised cleaning systems for different hospital trolleys, racks and case carts.

Our Mediclean Solutions provide you with a wide range of solutions – from small stand-alone washers to fully automated integrated washing systems – depending on your requirements. All our washing machines are modular and manufactured according to standards and CE-marking.

The cleaning system can be extended with conveyor, storage and handling systems.

The cleaning system has a modular flexibility and can be extended with

  • Drying systems
  • Conveyor systems
  • Storage systems
  • Handling systems

Flexible solutions

  • Multiple types and sizes can be handled in the same system
  • Capacity range of 50-200 items/hour
  • Small stand-alone or fully automated integrated systems
  • Validated results
  • After Sales Service and support

Good for both the working environment and the climate

  • Optimises the working environment
  • Time-saving process
  • Green sustainable system with a recirculating washing process
  • Low running costs

Cleaning systems with modular flexibility

Fully automated cleaning and handling system

Washing and rinsing section

The recirculating washing system, with automatic heating of the water and dosing of detergent, washes the trolleys clean and bacteria-free. After the washing process, the trolleys are after-rinsed to ensure that they are pH neutral.

Several types of heat sources and filters can be selected, and a range of advantageous options make the system adaptable

Accumulation conveyors

Two accumulation conveyors for accumulation of items that has been cleaned.

Accumulation conveyors

Two accumulation conveyors for accumulation of unclean items.

Transfer section

Transfer lane from washing sections to accumulation lanes.

The transport system can be adapted to the nature of the task.

Blow-off dryer

The blow-off drying system can be integrated with the washer or stand alone. Blow-off drying ensures that the trolleys can be returned directly to the production line in a dry state.

Would you like to know more?

Helle Bugge-Hansen
Sales Manager
Mediclean Solutions

Direct: +45 49 25 25 14
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Anne Gitte Rugaard
Sales Manager
Mediclean Solutions

Direct: +45 40 42 46 88

Breaking chains of infection in hospitals, improving food safety and creating better working environments

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