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UVC light for effective and natural disinfection

UVC light is an effective and well-documented disinfection method that has been used for more than 100 years and is particularly effective in air, liquids and on surfaces – as well as being both natural and environmentally friendly.

UVC light can neutralise most types of micro-organisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi in almost every conceivable area; for example in food production, technical production environments, hospitals and the pharmaceutical sector.

UVC light destroys the DNA and RNA of cells, preventing them from reproducing and multiplying. UVC light can reduce the impact of bacteria and viruses by more than 99.9999% depending on the intensity of the light and the time the organisms are exposed.

Ideal for almost every conceivable area

  • Natural and environmentally friendly method
  • Effective in air, liquids and on surfaces
  • Neutralises bacteria, viruses and fungi

Works in all conditions

The UVC light is a very flexible way to disinfect, because it works in cold and hot conditions, and whether bacteria are in solid, liquid or airborne form. That’s why it’s a great match for many disinfection needs, where we also want to avoid contact, chemistry and withdrawal times.

What is UVC light?

Light is waves, and light can have different wavelengths. Some wavelengths are called UV light (ultraviolet light), and the part of UV light that can be used for disinfection is UVC light.

Breaking chains of infection in hospitals, improving food safety and creating better working environments

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