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11 November, 2022

Disinfection plant for New University Hospital, Region Zealand

11 November, 2022

We are very pleased to have signed a contract with the Italian contractor CMB-Intinera/KHPT for the installation of our automatic bed and mattress disinfection system at the New University Hospital, Region Zealand.

We would like to thank both KHPT and the project organization at the hospital for their trust, and we look forward to our collaboration.

The system is fully automated without human touch, it can clean up to 50 beds/mattresses per hour and will be able to handle the large bed flow in the new hospital. There will be a significant change in the daily work process for the service staff and they will experience a significantly better working environment.

It is a tunnel cleaning/disinfection system that can treat up to 8 beds at the same time. The system is the most efficient system on the market, well documented and validated.

Breaking chains of infection in hospitals, improving food safety and creating better working environments

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