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Washing and handling systems for the seafood industry

The most commonly used returnable packing types in the seafood industry are plastic tubs/ totes, crates and smoke trolleys.

SEMI STAAL has over 45 years developed a wide range of washing, handling and transport solutions for tubs, crates and smoke trolleys and have approx. 300 references within the seafood related industry.

SEMI STAAL is one of the leading washing and handling systems provider to the seafood industry.


Seafood industry solutions

  • Tub washing and handling at Norway Seafood


Solution portfolio for tubs, crates and smoke trolleys

  1. Conveyor systems
  2. Stacking/ unstacking systems
  3. Washing systems
  4. Tub and crate emptying systems



Marine Harvest, Canada

Salmar, Norway

Naqua, Saudi Arabia

Thai Union, Seychelles

Box Pool, Peterhead, UK

Hanstholm Fiskeauktion, Denmark