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Washing and handling systems for the bakery industry

The most commonly used returnable packing types in the bakery industry are plastic crates, baking trays and plastic pallets. SEMI STAAL has over 45 years developed a wide range of washing, handling and transport solutions for these packing formats.

SEMI STAAL is a washing and handling system provider for returnable packaging to the bakery industry.


Bakery solutions

Crate washing, Kohberg


Solution portfolio for bakery industry

  1. Depalletizing of crates
  2. Stacking of empty pallets
  3. Feeding of crates washing system
  4. Emptying waste; feeding to washing unit
  5. Washer with pre-rinse, washing, after-rinse, and drying.
  6. Crate stacking
  7. Elevation of crate stacks to storage area
  8. Buffer storage system for 60.000 empty crates
  9. Destacking of crates from buffer storage
  10. Feeding of destacked crates to 10 packing stations
  11. Crate decent to packing stations by vertical conveyor



Kohberg Bakery Group, Denmark
Bakehuset, Norway
Xazri Bakery, Azerbaijan