Washing Solutions

Over the last four decades we have developed a wide range of washing solutions used in food and non-food industries.

Our solutions are often tailor-made to meet our customers’ specific requirements for hygiene, space, capacity, and sustainability. All our washing solutions are highly robust no-nonsense cleaning systems – easy to operate and maintain.

Our tunnel washing systems are parametic designed and can contain the following features/sections:

  • Single or multiple lanes
  • Prerinse section
  • Soaking section
  • Washing section
  • Rinse section
  • Desinfection section
  • Label removal
  • High Pressure
  • Final Rinse

Our washing solutions will be delivered as stand-alone or fully integrated automated high-capacity cleaning and handling solutions. Most solutions in our tunnel systems has a recirculating water system where the water is filtered continuously. SEMI-STAAL has a number of filtration systems depending on filtration and automation requirements.

We deliver cleaning solutions for:

  1. Tubs/totes
  2. Crates
  3. Bins
  4. Pallets
  5. Racks/Trolleys
  6. Live poultry cages
  7. Egg trays
  8. Ham moulds
  9. Chocolate moulds



Mediclean Solutions
Mediclean solutions for beds and mattresses; crates and racks; trolleys and containers
Washing Solutions
Washing and drying systems. Tailor-made solutions for washing and drying of crates tubs/totes, bin, pallets, racks, trays, moulds etc.
Handling Solutions
Transport and handling of almost any kind of returnable packaging
After Sales – Services
Various service modules with focus on improving up-times, capacity line efficiency and training of operations and maintenance staff