SEMI-STAAL SonoSteam® Solution

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A Cleaner Partnership

In collaboration with The SonoSteam® divison at FORCE Technology, the SonoSteam® decontamination technology has been integrated into SEMI-STAAL´s disinfection solutions resulting in a chemical free, rapid and efficient cleaning and decontamination process. The effective processing time in a SonoSteam® treatment is very short and for some applications even less than one second. This results in the protective decontamination of heat and water sensitive products.


SEMI-STAAL SonoSteam® Solution

SonoSteam® is a chemical free decontamination process designed for non-food and food surfaces. The technology applies the combination of steam and ultrasound to achieve rapid and enhanced treatment within seconds. The short and enhanced treatment is ideal for the decontamination of temperature and water delicate surfaces such as hospital mattresses and beds and other contact surfaces such as transport boxes, conveyor belts, knives, and hospital devices.

SonoSteam® technology has been proof tested on different types of pathogenic bacteria including those that are relevant for the food industry (i.e. Campylobacter and Salmonella) and those that cause hospital acquired infections (i.e. pathogenic members of Enterobacteriaceae family such as E. coli).


Facts About the Technology

  1. Significant reduction of microorganisms: Effective reduction of pathogens and multiresistent bacteria i.e. Klebsiella pneumonia, Escherichia coli, Clostridium dif cile, Staphylococcous aureus and Enterococcus , which are common causes of hospital acquired infections. In addition, SonoSteam® is effective against yeast and fungi.
  2. Only a few seconds of treatment: The combination of ultrasound and steam results in a heat transfer so fast that microorganisms are reduced within seconds.
  3. No use of chemicals: SonoSteam® only features steam and ultrasound. The process does not use any chemicals or other agents that might otherwise leave residues. The technology can be applied to organic surfaces as well.
  4. Reaches the microstructure of the surface: Microorganisms placed in the microstructure and pits of the products’ surfaces are reached and reduced by the steam. The ultrasound causes the steam to be continuously forced into pits and pores on the surface