Mediclean Solutions

We are continuously focusing on developing simplified high capacity solutions and reliable washing and handling processes which always makes it easier for our customers to meet hygiene standards and automate workflows.

Our innovative and environmentally friendly hospital solutions are designed with the main objective to contribute to fewer rehospitalization days through improved hygiene solutions for wash and disinfection of hospital beds, mattresses, aids, pillows, equipment for internal transport systems, plastic crates, disposal containers and other equipment circulating in the hospitals in a logistic flow.

SonoSteam disinfection technology – fast and safe
In cooperation with SonoSteam, a division of Force Technology, we have integrated SonoSteam disinfection technology in our automatic solutions for cleaning and disinfection of beds and mattresses.
By disinfection of contact surfaces such as hospital mattresses and plastic crates, the technology has documented a significant reduction of micro organisms in few seconds. SonoSteam disinfection is made with steam and ultrasound

Our Mediclean program includes:

  • Advanced mattress disinfection systems (see video)
  • Fully automated cleaning, disinfection and drying of hospital beds (see video)
  • Washing systems for plastic crates and case carts (see video)
  • Waste handling systems (see video)
  • Flexible and economic container cleaning systems

Helle Bugge-Hansen

Sales Manager - Medical
Direct: +45 49 25 25 14
Mobile: +45 61 43 58 34


Mediclean Solutions
Mediclean solutions for beds and mattresses; crates and racks; trolleys and containers
Washing Solutions
Washing and drying systems. Tailor-made solutions for washing and drying of crates tubs/totes, bin, pallets, racks, trays, moulds etc.
Handling Solutions
Transport and handling of almost any kind of returnable packaging
After Sales – Services
Various service modules with focus on improving up-times, capacity line efficiency and training of operations and maintenance staff