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Bed washing machine

Washing and handling of beds

In Denmark, one in 10 patients is infected with a hospital-acquired infection during hospitalisation, resulting in re-admissions equivalent to around 400,000 extra days each year.

Improving the hygienic standard on beds and mattresses can help reduce the number of readmissions and is therefore a good investment both in terms of patient safety and operational costs.

Our bed washing machine reduces dangerous bacteria by 95-100% depending on the type of bacteria, with results that have been thoroughly tested and validated. This is how we reduce hospital infections and readmissions.

Cleaning and automation solutions for hospitals

  • World’s fastest bed and mattress disinfection system
  • High-capacity tunnel bed-washer solutions
  • Systems that break the chain of infection and ensure patient safety
  • Customised systems that are tailored to your needs and space
  • Systems that both cleans and disinfects beds, mattresses and other items

Manual cleaning of beds and mattresses can be an unreliable, difficult and slow process, and just a single area overlooked can cause transmission of diseases to the next patient.

With SEMI STAAL’s Mediclean solution, you will get a faster, improved and more reliable cleaning process of beds, mattresses, pillows and aids and at the same time staff will experience better ergonomics and efficient workflows.

Beds and mattresses
Washing capacity for beds is up to 25 per hour. Disinfection is by chemothermal disinfection.

Mattresses are run through the cleaning system with a capacity of up to 80 mattresses per hour. Disinfection is done using SonoSteam® technology. 

Aids and pillows
Our bed washers can be delivered with trolleys that can handle various sizes of aids. Such as wheelchairs, walkers, drop stands and much more. Our mattress disinfector can also clean your hygiene pillows.

Efficient, flexible and proven

  • The fastest and most effective disinfection system on the market
  • Up to 25 beds and 80 mattresses per hour
  • Proven and tested SonoSteam® technology
  • Possibility for conveyor systems, handling of mattresses, etc.
  • Always individually customised solutions

Good for both the working environment and the climate

  • Optimises the working environment
  • Time-saving process
  • Green sustainable system with a recirculating washing process
  • Low running costs

Examples of our customised bed washing systems

Hospital bed washer

System which can handle up to 25 beds and 80 mattresses per hour.

Hospital bed washer – fully automated bed washing machine

System capable of handling up to 50 beds and 80 mattresses per hour. The mattresses are automatically lifted off and onto the bed via a portal with vacuum suction.





Hvidovre Hospital
Region Hovedstaden, København
Regionshospitalet Viborg
Regionshospitalet Randers 
Sygehus Sønderjylland, Aabenraa
Sygehus Sønderjylland, Sønderborg
DNV, Gødstrup hospital

DNU, Skejby hospital
midtVask – DNU Skejby hospital
NAU, Nyt Universitetshospital
Nyt Universitetshospital Køge
Odense Universitetshospital
Landssygehuset,  Færøerne

Kungälvs Sjukhus
Höglandssjukhuset Eksjö
Centralsjukhuset Karlstad sjukhus

Helse Midt Norge
Nyt Stavanger Sykehus

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Mediclean Solutions

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Sales Manager
Mediclean Solutions

Direct: +45 40 42 46 88

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