Handling Solutions

We offer solutions for transport and handling of almost any kind of returnable packaging either as an integrated solution with a washing system, a stand-alone transport/handling system.

Conveyor systems (chain, belt or roll conveyors)

  • Stackers/ destackers
  • Palletizers / depalletizers
  • Vertical transport systems
  • Sorting systems
  • Turners/ orientators
  • Robot solutions
  • Emptying systems
  • Hoist systems (up to app. 2 tons cargo)
  • Pallet quality sorting system

In our equipment design we emphasize that our solutions require a minimum of service – making them easy and cost effective to operate and maintain.


Mediclean Solutions
Mediclean solutions for beds and mattresses; crates and racks; trolleys and containers
Washing Solutions
Washing and drying systems. Tailor-made solutions for washing and drying of crates tubs/totes, bin, pallets, racks, trays, moulds etc.
Handling Solutions
Transport and handling of almost any kind of returnable packaging
After Sales – Services
Various service modules with focus on improving up-times, capacity line efficiency and training of operations and maintenance staff