Waste Handling and Washing System

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Focus on Hygiene and Efficiency

SEMI-STAAL has developed a complete waste-handling system for hospitals and large institutions. The system consists of tailor-made waste disposal cart and a fully automatic emptying and washing system for the carts. The system capacity spans up to 30 carts per hour.

SEMI-STAAL’s washing systems and carts are designed and developed with the primary objective to combine hygienic demands of hospitals and sustainable solutions easy to operate and maintain.


The Process

  1.  Collection: Waste is collected in local places, kitchens, canteens, and packed primarily in plastic bags. These are laced up before being dumped in waste disposal carts
  2. Transport to waste terminal: Full carts are hooked onto each other (up to 6 carts), which are then returned to the waste terminal through subterranean hallways. At the terminal, the carts are led onto the infeed conveyor of the washing system
  3. Infeed system: The length of the infeed system is adapted to the space and buffer capacity
  4. Emptying station: When the cart arrives to the automatic emptying station, it is fixed to the conveyor segment. The segment is lifted vertically and turned 125° degrees whereby the waste is dumped into the waste container
  5. Check point: The cart is checked for any remaining waste. If remaining waste is detected it is led to a subsequent transport segment for manual inspection.
  6. Turning: The carts are turned 180° degrees
  7. Pre-rinse: The cart is rinsed with cold water in a recirculating system with no running water consumption. The water is automatically filtered
  8. Wash: The cart is washed intensively with 60° degrees water and detergent at 5-6 bar pressure. The nozzle system is designed according to the outline of the cart
  9. After rinse: The cart is rinsed with 85° degrees water to remove all detergent
  10. Turning: The cart is turned 180° degrees. The cart dries itself through the accumulated heat in the cart. After turning, the cart is discharged on the floor and is ready for reuse