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SEMI-STAAL SONOSTEAM® Mattress Disinfection System

Our ambition is to design innovative and sustainable Mediclean solutions easy to operate and maintain with the overall objective to improve hygienic cleaning solutions for hospital beds, mattresses, and internal transport systems.

By integrating the SonoSteam® decontamination technology into SEMI-STAAL SonoSteam® mattress disinfection system, a rapid and efficient surface cleaning of mattresses without use of chemicals is possible. The mattresses are cleaned and disinfected with the PU cover on, and due to the short time of contact, no moisture is detected on the inside of the PU cover.

The SEMI-STAAL SonoSteam® mattress disinfection system achieves full Aerobic Count and Enterobacteriaceae reductions (below detection limit) on hospital mattresses within 25 seconds of treatment. The disinfection unit can handle up to 90 mattresses per hour.


The Process

  • Mattress is placed horizontally on the tilting station which raises the mattress to a vertical position
  • Coarse particles are brushed off before the mattress enters the SonoSteam® disinfection chamber
  • A tunnel system separates the clean and the dirty zone preventing cross-contamination. The entire mattress is disinfected in only 25 seconds
  • Drying and subsequent tilting of the mattress from a vertical to a horizontal position for manual removal
  • The process of placing mattresses on and moving from the tilting station can be automated

In-house cleaning of mattresses is not only time, space and cost efficient, but cuts off the requirement a 20-40% higher buffer volume of mattresses if the cleaning process is outsourced.