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SEMI-STAAL’s bin washing systems handle up to 200 and 300 litre bins with a total capacity span of 20 to 200 bins/hour. Our VV-series are built on two different platforms – cabinet or tunnel – resulting in small and larger capacity spans. All our washing machines are made according to the HACCP principles.



VV1-1 – Serie capacity of 20-30 bins/ hour
VV2-1 – Serie capacity of 40-60 bins/ hour
VV1-1 1/2 – Serie capacity of 40-200 bins/ hour

The Cabinet Solution (VV1-1, VV2-1): The VV1-1 and VV2-1 are built on the cabinet solution where infeed and discharge of the bin are done on the same side. This solution contains a washing and after-rinse function where all surfaces are treated including the wheels and the bottom of the bin. The VV 2-1 solution handles two bins simultaneously – hence the higher capacity. The VV2-1 is also equipped with central filter (filter basket or automatic drumfilter), pump, and control system.  The washing system is adapted to customer’s preferences

The Tunnel Solution (VV1-1 1/2): With the tunnel solution, infeeding of bins is placed on one side of the washing section and discharged on the opposite side resulting on a much higher capacity and separation of the clean and dirty side. The VV1-1 1/2 can be designed with a pre-rinse section, washing section, and after rinse section. Extra sections and automation functions can be added according to automation and capacity requirements.


Unique Selling Points

  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Amongst the lowest “Total Cost of Ownership” in the industry
  • Easy access to inside surfaces of machine through large doors (VV1-1 model)
  • Easy access to inside surface by lifting the entire top of the machine (VV1-1 1/2 model)
  • Nozzles are individually positioned to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned
  • Nozzles are positioned close to the surface
  • Rotating nozzle system for in- and outside cleaning of bin
  • Wheel system and bottom of bin is also washed
  • The bin is fixed during the washing process
  • Hygienic design / HACCP design
  • Environmental friendly – low on water and detergent consumption
  • Can be delivered as a stand-alone machine or as a fully automatic high-capacity system
  • Plug and play system (for standard system)
  • Modularized system
  • Only norm components are used
  • Touch screen operation
  • Up and down stream automation (VV1-1 1/2), swing loaders for transport of bins from/ to floor level


Customization Options

  • Extra modules VV1-1 1/2: Recirculation of pre-rinse water over filter basket, automatic belt filter, or automatic drumfilter additional detergent section, high pressure cleaning
  • Water filtration down to 100mµ via a special pump
  • Integrated CIP system
  • Heating mode: Steam, hot water, gas, and electric
  • Remote access to PLC through modem
  • Automatic drain system
  • Drying of bins