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The System

SEMI-STAAL offers a range of (de) palletizing equipment for full and empty crates, forms, trays, and lids. We supply (de)palletizing solutions with a capacity span from low to high speed. Our systems support three different (de)palletizing solutions:


  • Column (de)palletizing: all crate columns are (de)palletized in one process
  • Layer (de)palletizing: Layer by layer are being (de)palletized from top/ bottom
  • Robot (de)palletizing: When mechanical (de)palletizing is not efficient or possible


We build the best solution based on the capacity requirements, layout, and space constraints, the working processes after the (de)palletizing, objects type and the desired (de)palletizing pattern. We emphasize to design our systems to be easy and cost effective to operate and maintain and tailor-made either as stand-alone unit or integrated into an existing system solution.