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SEMI-STAAL have developed a Spindryer (centrifugal dryer) with a drying capacity of up to app. 5.000 crates/ hour (600x400mm crates) or 10.000 crates/hour (400x300mm crates) using only 4 kW/hour. Two or four crates stacks are fed into the centrifuge and the crate stacks are dried by means of a 150 G-force. The collected water residue from the crates are reused. The centrifugal dryer has two parallel infeed/discharge conveyors and can be integrated into an existing line layout or work as a stand alone unit.

SEMI-STAAL are also in the process of developing a centrifugal dryer which dries the crates one by one straight after the washing process. For further information please contact us.