Blow-off Drying

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  • The blow-off drying system can remove up to 97% of water by using a side-chamber blower system. The system works in the following way:
    The side-chamber blower sucks in large air quantities, passes it over a filter and distributes it to special designed air knives.
  • The filters and the machine design assure that only warm and clean air is used to dry the objects. The combination of the gab of the air knives and the size of the side-chamber blower yields an air speed of 270 km/ hour. Hence, the air knives scrape off the water from the objects as they pass.
  • The drying system is normally delivered with closed bottom to catch the blown off water, which is led back to the washing machine for re-use.

All drying solutions are customized to the requirement of the job, the degree of dryness, and capacity required.