Bed Washer

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Cleaning, Decontamination and Drying

SEMI-STAAL’s bed washer consists of a fully automated system for washing, disinfecting, and drying hospital beds. The tunnel system separates the clean and the dirty zone preventing cross-contamination.

SEMI-STAAL’s bed washing system have high-operational reliability and efficiency and are low-cost operated with a reduced environmental impact in terms of water and energy consumption. All SEMI-STAAL designs are modularized and can be customized to meet specific requirements.


The Process

  • Automatic infeed system: Once the beds are rolled onto the infeed conveyor/lifting table, the infeed into the washing chamber is automatic.
  • Washing: The beds are thermo/chemical treated in a closed recirculating chamber.
  • Disinfection: SEMI-STAAL uses a 61° degrees disinfection technology to protect thermo sensitive components. In 2016, it has been provisioned to test the applicability of the SonoSteam® technology to hospital beds as well.
  • Final rinse: The final rinse uses demineralized water or reverse osmosis water.
  • Drying: Following the final rise, the beds are dried by using a powerful compressor system, which feeds self-heated and filtered air to a set of air knives that dry the bed in a separate chamber. As the bed moves through the drying chamber, the air knives follow the bed outline, which ensures a perfect drying result.
  • Outfeed: After the drying process, the bed is transported onto the discharge conveyor, which dispatches the bed onto floor level.