Built with Scandinavian Simplicity

We believe in making it easy for our customers to run their businesses successfully.

Our main goal is to design, build and install highly robust no-nonsense cleaning and handling systems – easy to operate and maintain. We call it Scandinavian Simplicity.

Being an innovative family-owned company with strong Scandinavian roots, we care for the environment as well as creating a proper working environment.

We deliver tailor-made cleaning and handling solutions for the food, hospital, and pharmaceutical industries and have done so for the last four decades.



Mediclean Solutions

Mediclean solutions for beds and mattresses; crates and racks; trolleys and containers

Washing Solutions

Washing and drying systems. Tailor-made solutions for washing and drying of crates tubs/totes, bin, pallets, racks, trays, moulds etc.

Handling Solutions

Transport and handling of almost any kind of returnable packaging

After Sales – Services

Various service modules with focus on improving up-times, capacity line efficiency and training of operations and maintenance staff